The Future of Social

  • Designing the Future of Social Media
    through Blockchain

About us

Pibble rewards for all your social media actions
Earn and Use Pibble tokens for crowdfunding, donations, P2P Commerce and even more.
Pibble is waiting for you

The Social Media Platform with Blockchain

Experience a whole new social media that rewards you


Share photos and earn rewards


Sell any of your photos


Collect and Exhibit the photos that you loved


Share your earned rewards with those in need


Make your dreams a reality

THRU: The Future of Social


A one-stop platform to create, promote, sell, and send social media


Gain EXP and have fun as you level up


Start earning from all your normal social media activities


Expand your influence to help charities with Pibble


Open the commercial future with Augmented Reality and VR


Realizing the future of social

Pibble's Aim

Pibble integrates multiple social functions on one platform

Do all your social activities from start to finish on Pibble

Pibble's Future Vision

Pibble will create a new era of social media

A vast platform for Posting, Commerce, Charity, Crowdfunding, and every other social activity.


  1. 4Q 2018

    PIBBLE Eco system alpha 1, 2

     iOS Mobile App alpha
    BitDNA Pro API alpha

  2. 1H 2019

    PIBBLE Eco system alpha 3, 4

    Android Mobile App alpha
    PIBBLE Ecosystem beta 1

  3. 3Q 2019

    PIBBLE Ecosystem beta 2

    PIBBLE Service Beta launch
    PIBBLE BitDNA Beta & dAPP
    PIBBLE Commerce
    Multi-Mainnet support

  4. 4Q 2019

    PIBBLE Ecosystem beta 3

    PIBBLE Curation
    PIBBLE Web
    PIBBLE Pro Market

  5. 1H 2020

    PIBBLE Platform phase 2

    interoperable with other Blockchain
    Continuation dApp Advancement
    Expand new dApp on PIBBLE Platform

  6. 2H 2020

    Launch PIBBLE Platform 2.0

    dApp Integration & Renewal PIBBLE

'블록체인판 인스타그램' 노리는 피블, 글로벌 시장 노크

‘블록체인판 인스타그램’을 표방하는 소셜미디어 ‘피블’이 카카오의 블록체인 플랫폼 ‘클레이튼’과 손잡고 서비스 개시를 눈앞에 두고 있다.


블록체인과 결합된 즐거운 커뮤니티의 완성

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